Route Setting



What's New- 

We have new boulder problems in the 2nd floor bouldering area. 

What's Next - 

Next week we'll be setting more routes.



Bill McLemore

Hometown - Born in St.Louis Raised in Las Vegas

Hobby - Chess

Music - Metal, Classical, Worship

Movie - Last of the Mohicans

Book - The Princess Bride

Climbing Since - 1994

Route Setting Since - 1996


Lukas Sullivan

Hometown - Denver, CO

Hobby - Flying Airplanes

Music - All Genres

Movie - Interstellar

Book -Into the wild 

Climbing Since - 2013

Route Setting Since - 2014


Nick Tatum

Hometown - Richmond VA

Hobby - Movies, writing, reading, video editing.

Music -  M83, Bill Withers, James Brown, Mord Fustang, Biggie Smalls.

Movie - Akira, Snatch, TOKYO!, Cinderella Man, Fight club.

Book - "Courage: The joy of living Dangerously" By Osho

Climbing Since - 2012

Route Setting Since - 2016







Ben Gartman

Hometown - Westchester New York

Hobby - Surfing, Wiffleball, Learning languages and I love a good handstand

Music - Any music Bill doesn't put on at R2C2

Movie - Drive

Book - Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert A. Heinlein 

Climbing Since - 2006

Route Setting Since - 2013