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Adult Month - $65.00
Student Month - $55.00*
* must have valid I.D. present
10 Visit Punch Card - $120.00
PIF 3 Month - $165.00
PIF 6 Month - $270.00
EFT Month-to-Month Per Month
w/$20 application fee - $50

Day Passes
Day Climb Pass - $15.00*
* gear extra
Day Kid's Pass - $10.00**
** 11 and under
Belay Check - $5.00***
*** Must be 12 or older

Gear Rentals
Harness - $5.00*
Shoes - $5.00*
Harness & Shoes - $8.00
Chalk Bag - $1.00
* per visit, indoor use only
Shoes - $10.00 w/deposit**
** one day, outdoor use

Shower - $4.00*
* no towel provided


Introduction to Lead Climbing (12 years + and basic belay certification) - $75.00
An introduction to the world of lead climbing and belaying.

This class introduces you to the next level of climbing. You will learn how to lead climb with an emphasis on all aspects of rope/body awareness, proper clipping, clipping techniques, clipping a safe line, mistakes of the beginning leader, how to fall, and other lead essentials. Additionally, you will learn all the fundamentals of lead belay techniques and a firm understanding of the leader/follower trust essential for safe lead climbing. Includes day pass and all rentals. Upon completion you will receive your lead-belay certification. Class is two hours and by appointment only.

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